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We specialize in all patent related services

What is

A Patent


A patent is a monopoly awarded to the inventors. It lasts for a limited period allowing the inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling the invention without permission. We offer the following Patent related Services,


Prior Art Search/Patent Search


Our firm comprises highly qualified technical experts and patent agents with extensive experience in interpretation and analysis of patent documents in various fields such as Information Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry, Microbiology etc.

Novelty Search

Search is conducted across patent databases to identify the most relevant prior-art in relation to the technology under question.

Invalidation Search

Search comprises identifying prior art that can invalidate the granted patent.

Freedom to Operate Search

This search is directed towards finding out if the technology to be commercialized would potentially infringe a patented product / process.

Patent Drafting & Advisory


We assist in the preparation of patent specifications including writing claims, interpretation and analysis of
complex patent documents for Infringement analysis and proof reading.


Drafting of patent specifications


Provisional or Non provisional/ Complete


Writing and analyzing claims & Patentability analysis


Patent Filing and prosecution in India and across the globe

Patent Landscaping


The immense cost and time investment involved in developing any new product today makes it impractical to begin research without conducting a patent landscape. We can provide you with patent landscapes to help you map your research in different fields and keep updated about the activities of other players in the field.

Infringement Analysis


We assess your technology and identify the closest prior art to find out if a granted patent may possibly be infringed. Our infringement analysis study includes Claims charting and can help you to avoid possible third party infringement.